Gasification of organic

Our company is based on a power of attorney №09 / 05-3 from 09.05.2014g. together with its European partner firm BTE NOVA Sp.zo.o offers to consider technology flameless gasification of organic materials by the method of thermolysis, through which enterprises of Ukraine would be able to significantly reduce its dependence on Russian gas. The equipment will be delivered to a range of European manufacturers.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • design, production and delivery systems for flameless recycling of industrial and municipal waste, including medical waste and sewage sludge;
  • the design, manufacture and supply of chemical complexes of flameless gasification of coal and sludge, peat, rubber, wood, tar sands, oil shale, and other materials in the synthesis gas (presentation attached);
  • the design, manufacture and supply of equipment for modernization and reconstruction of the existing thermal power station, which work with different kinds of coal, local fuels or fuel oil, natural gas.


Advanced ideas, the application of our technology is based on the method of low-temperature thermolysis are:

  • flameless recycling organic materials by gasification in an environment without oxygen (ie without direct combustion and without the blast of air);
  • No use of high pressure in the process of thermolysis (operates in atmospheric pressure);
  • achieving uniform gasification reaction, which provides the continuity and stability required for obtaining a potential customer of the final product, and also transfers the gas phase to 99.99 percent of the organic portion of the raw material (excluding mineral impurities). When using this method of recycling organic materials virtually eliminates the need for landfills, waste piles and storage;
  • The use of gasification of various origin and composition of the organic material (even with a high content of mineral impurities in it and water);
  • Modular design, allows you to collect a variety of size and capacity of the complex, depending on customer needs. The foundation on which the equipment is installed, does not require a deep bookmarks, making installation easy in the process of assembly and disassembly;
  • easy to operate equipment that serves to replace the two engineers.


When using these systems may set up production of synthesized gas for the production of energy, nitrogen fertilizers, synthetic petroleum coke, polyethylene and ethylene and methanol. All products are in demand both in Ukraine and in the world markets.
Integrated use of existing technologies flameless gasification of coal in Ukraine will undoubtedly contribute to a significant reduction in the country’s dependence on imports of Russian natural gas, oil and petroleum products, coking coal, decarbonisation of the energy sector, improving energy independence and efficiency of the state, thereby strengthening the economy of Ukraine. For example, you can safely give up most of the supply of natural gas for the production of nitrogen fertilizers and existing energy companies, reduced to insignificant size of the imports from Russia about 5 million tonnes of coking coal and metallurgical coke ready. This scenario is the use of local coal deposits and their subsequent gasification of the most rough estimates will save Ukraine not less than 7.0 billion US dollars annually.

Please pay attention to the real possibility of attracting with our help European banks and leasing companies to finance, to be determined by them, construction projects offered coal-chemical complexes and power plants in Ukraine.